About MyPropty

Property investment has always been a pillar of Hong Kong families’ portfolios. However, when we started managing our first few properties, it was stressful. We didn’t know the best property inspection process or why we should build a tenant relationship. We didn’t know which vendors to trust or the standard market prices for repairs. We didn’t know which agents were the best to handle our listings.

As our portfolio grew, we started helping our family and friends. This was incredible. This gave us much better insights on the market and how to grow our investments, and we developed more best practices.

That’s what started MyPropty. We want to provide a fully transparent service, flexibility, and shared guidance for all so that you can become an expert property owner.

Our Vision

Property management is tedious and opaque. Therefore, most owners don’t have quality information to help them manage their properties and struggle to handle tasks.

We are making property management as transparent and hassle-free as managing your stock portfolio. That way, users have access to market data to take control of their portfolio.

We want all property owners to have high-quality expertise, whenever they need it.

Community Partners

We develop partnerships to create more value for our users.


Instant, verified building and transaction data across Asia.

Lease properties faster using technology.

Promote the advancement of real estate technology.

Market property investment opportunities globally.

Connects PropTech startups, investors and corporates.

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