Technology may be the answer for Hong Kong’s struggling property investors

● With COVID-19, property vacancies in Hong Kong are at an all-time high while demandfrom buyers and tenants have dropped dramatically as more people move away fromHong Kong. ● Landlords must incorporate technology in property management to compete with otherlistings and reduce operating expenses. Hong Kong’s property market has fundamentally changed over the last two years. […]

7 Secrets to Become an Expert Property Owner

Are you looking to increase your property portfolio returns? Managing properties can be quite tedious and time-consuming. Here are 7 surprisingly simple tips to become an expert property owner in Hong Kong and streamline your management. For detailed explanations and examples, download the full e-book here. Measure your occupancy rate Your occupancy rate is the key […]

How is technology driving change in real estate with PropTech Institute

PTI Panelists

Technology is rapidly changing the property industry. PropTech Institute invited us to share how technology is transforming traditional real estate processes. Our founder, Vishalsai, and Gary Walter, founder of Realinflo, shared their experiences in starting a PropTech startup. Vish shared what other PropTech startups are working on in Hong Kong and the challenges we’ve faced […]

How to lease out your rental properties faster using data and technology

Leasing Funnel Steps

The last year has been awful for Hong Kong landlords. Having enjoyed decades of growth and capital appreciation, they’re now facing rising vacancies, dropping rental prices, and more market uncertainty. Landlords must adapt to the new environment quickly or they’ll soon be left behind. Big Data and technology can give them a competitive edge.  Background: […]

MyPropty for Business

MyPropty launched a new web-based property platform helping SMEs transform their property management businesses.

Our Founder speaks at Metropolitan Workshop opening

Our founder, Vishalsai Daswani, was invited by Metropolitan Workshop to speak about his experiences starting a Property Technology company in Hong Kong. Metropolitan Workshop opened their newest location at Silver Fortune Tower, Central. As part of the festivities, several founders shared their journeys and challenges in starting a new company in Hong Kong. Vishalsai discussed […]