App Features

Work from anywhere – home, the office, or even on the road.

Move your property management operation to the cloud today.


Enjoy full transparency on payments, tasks, and documents with immediate access to all your portfolio information.

invoice & Receipt generation

Generate invoices and receipts instantly, pre-filled with all payment information and remarks.

Automatic Reporting

Stay on top of all your outstanding actions with automated weekly reports via email, delivered straight to you.

Document storage

Digitally store all your documents for fast retrieval to reference all details and maintain high data integrity.

vacancy broadcasts

Instantly broadcast listings to many agents in seconds. Work with reliable agents to reduce vacant periods.

task management

Track all actions required by your team, ensuring high levels of efficiency and transparency in your teams.

audit trail

Maintain a log of all activity being conducted to quickly trace changes and resolve disputes.

instant export

Export all your data to Excel instantly. Keep control over your data and generate personalized reports too.

permission management

Control who has access to which information. Instantly limit access to your portfolio on demand.


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