Become an Expert Property Owner

Increase your property returns with a digital property management assistant

Management Platform

Automated reminders and actions. Access your information anytime.

Tenant 24/7 Concierge

Hassle-free management. On-call to handle any tenant requests.

Accounting Assistant

Issue invoices and manage receivables and receipts.

Personal Accountant

Settle all income and expenses. Produce monthly statements.

Get Market Insights

We help landlords with between 1-100 rental properties. We periodically share our anonymized data insights with our followers:

  • Trends in property transactions
  • Current market prices for repairs work
  • Popular repairs vendors used by landlords
  • Active agents for different districts
  • New product features and services
  • Updates on our company’s achievements
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For small landlords

You manage all operations yourself

Your personal property management assistant, with years of experience, is now available whenever you need it.

  • only pay for services you need
  • access to personalized market insights
  • hassle-free property management assistance

For medium landlords

Your staff manages all day-to-day operations

Help your management staff increase your entire portfolio’s returns. Your team will:

  • save up to 70% of their time managing your portfolio
  • make faster and more reliable data-driven decisions
  • reduce costs using market data on contractors and agents
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